A note to readers

How to use this book

Many of the sections of this book started life as blog posts on my website, blog.eladgil.com, where I’ve been writing since 2007.

It’s not meant to be read straight through, like a novel or a class curriculum. This is meant to be an active reference—a book you can flip through to find useful guidance on specific topics when you need some perspective or advice.

I’ve included many interviews from entrepreneurs with proven track records. Although I have worked at some of the fastest growing companies in Silicon Valley history, my experience is far from exhaustive. Sometimes it just helps to have different perspectives. I’m honored to include these experts’ perspectives, even when—especially when—it doesn’t jibe completely with my own. You might find it fun to skip between interviews and read one after the other—there are some great stories and valuable advice embedded within.

When there are online references that might prove useful, I’ve included a footnote pointing to my website, where you can find more direct links to these resources.

For those links, additional resources, and updates, visit growth.eladgil.com.